NEH Summer Stipends (for projects beginning May 2018)

Internal Deadline: 
Tue, August 08 2017 - 5:00 pm
Funding Agency Deadline: 
Wed, September 27 2017
Program Description: 

NEH invites projects related to its new initiative, The Common Good: The Humanities in the Public Square. This initiative seeks to connect the study of the humanities to the current conditions of national life. Many of today’s challenges require more than ever the forms of understanding and knowledge represented by the humanities. They require the broadest possible engagement of scholars and the public with the resources of the humanities, including but not limited to the study of language, literature, history, philosophy, comparative religion, and ethics. The study of the humanities can help illuminate the complexity of many contemporary challenges while enriching our understanding of the common good.

·         Summer Stipends support individuals pursuing advanced research that is of value to humanities scholars, general audiences, or both.

·         Eligible projects usually result in articles, monographs, books, digital materials and publications, archaeological site reports, translations, editions, or other scholarly resources.

·         Summer Stipends support continuous, full-time work on a humanities project for a period of two consecutive months.

·         Summer Stipends support projects at any stage of development.

·         Summer Stipends are awarded to individual scholars. Organizations are not eligible to apply.

Summer Stipends may not be used for:

·         projects that seek to promote a particular political, religious, or ideological point of view;

·         projects that advocate a particular program of social action;

·         specific policy studies;

·         research for doctoral dissertations or theses by students enrolled in a degree program;

·         the preparation or revision of textbooks;

·         curriculum development;

·         the development of teaching methods or theories;

·         educational or technical impact assessments;

·         empirical social science research, unless part of a larger humanities project;

·         inventories of collections;

·         works in the creative and performing arts (for example, painting, writing fiction or poetry, dance performance, etc.);

·         the writing of autobiographies, memoirs, or works of creative nonfiction; or

·         the writing of guide books, how-to books, and self-help books.

Number of Nominees Allowed: 

2 allotted slots still available

Nominee(s) Selected to Advance: 

Hongyu Wang, COE

Posting Date: 
Monday, June 20, 2016