Travel to Cuba with a Laptop

When traveling as a representative of OSU, there are specific restrictions on taking a university-owned laptop.  The BAG License Exception is not available to use.

There is a License Exception that has been added to the EAR, SCP "Support for the Cuban People" 740.21 section (c)(2).  Under this exception, a professor may travel to Cuba with university-owned equipment as long as:

·         the item is EAR99, or

·         the ECCN listed on the CCL is for Anti-terrorism (AT) only.  

Laptops with standard (mass market, commercial) encryption tend to fall under ECCN 5A992, the only control for this ECCN is AT, therefore the laptop could be taken to Cuba under the SCP License Exception.

Do be aware that some laptops may have higher encryption which place them under ECCN 5A002.  This ECCN has multiple reasons for control.  If the computer falls under this ECCN, you would not be able to use SCP License Exception.