Restrictions on the Items You Can Take With You

When you leave the U.S., even temporarily, for teaching, research, or to attend a conference, everything you take with you is an export, including electronic devices, software and data. This applies to hand-carried items, materials, and devices. All exports should be screened by the Export Control Officer to evaluate export license requirements.

• Research data and information that qualifies for the fundamental research, public domain/publicly available or educational instruction exclusions to the export control regulations can be taken and openly shared or discussed without the need for an export license (e.g., published, educational or research information intended for public distribution, such as a paper being presented at a conference, commercial software, and patent applications). Prior to travel, verify that your technology, data or information is categorized as fundamental research, public domain/publicly available or educational instruction information.

• An export license is not usually required for most commercially obtained items and equipment (laptop computers, tablets, cell phones, PDAs containing software), unless you are traveling to or through an embargoed or sanctioned country. For sanctioned countries, an export license may be required.

• Without an export license or license exception, you cannot take with you any commodities, software, or technology that are:

o Articles, technical data or software controlled under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). For example, a blueprint, document or drawing on your electronic device that is considered ITAR controlled technical data cannot be taken out of the U.S. without a license;

o Classified, controlled unclassified, or export controlled;

o Proprietary, confidential, or sensitive;

o Specifically designed for military, intelligence, space, encryption software, or nuclear related applications;

o Data or information subject to a Non-Disclosure Agreement or that results from a project with contractual dissemination restrictions; or

o Computer software or encryption items with export restrictions or access restrictions for non-U.S. persons.