Restrictions on Your Activities While in Your Destination Country

• Limit presentations, seminars and discussions to topics that are not related to export controlled commodities, software, or technology unless that information has been published, is currently publicly available or in the public domain, or qualifies as fundamental research.

o Presenting or discussing proprietary, unpublished, or export controlled data or information may constitute an unauthorized export.

o Open seminars are, most likely, appropriate unless they occur in an embargoed or sanctioned country or involve restricted parties.

• Sharing fundamental research or publically available information with foreign colleagues is allowed as long as the colleagues are not prohibited from receiving the information by the federal government (e.g., Specially Designated Nationals, employees or representatives of the government of a sanctioned country, or restricted parties).

• Engaging in research, field work or course instruction outside of the U.S. may not qualify for the fundamental research exclusion and U.S. export control regulations may apply until the work is published or is made publicly available. Prior to providing course instruction or disclosing information resulting from research or field work when outside of the U.S., determine if the information is subject to export control laws and regulations.

• Payments to persons, businesses or organizations may be prohibited by export control laws and regulations. OSU must not enter into contracts, conduct business, or otherwise participate, directly or indirectly, in any financial activities with any entity or person found on any government issued restricted, blocked, or denied party lists. This may include international subcontracts, purchases from international vendors or payments to research participants.