Limited Submissions

Government agencies as well as private foundations and corporate sponsors sometimes choose to limit the number of submissions per institution for specific awards. When this is the case, limited submission competitions at Oklahoma State University are conducted internally by the Office of University Research Services. Below is a listing of several major recurring awards for which we have held internal limited submission competitions in the past, including synopses of the awards, URLs for more information, and both the internal and agency deadlines. Please consult the internal deadlines listed below for specific dates by which intent to submit is due to Jennifer Stephens ( ).

The internal deadlines posted below for intent to submit are typically two months prior to the agency deadlines. An intent to submit is an informal notification by e-mail and should simply state that the PI intends to submit a proposal for the particular award. After the internal deadline has passed, it is clear whether an internal competition is needed based on the amount of internal interest, and the PI will be notified accordingly. Specific instructions concerning the internal competition will be communicated at that point. Applicants are typically asked to provide a two-page project summary, CV, and budget by e-mail, which are then reviewed and ranked by a committee.

Since the below list is not comprehensive, PIs should contact their college research offices when applying for an award not listed on this page that limits submissions per institution. College research offices will be able to advise you concerning specific steps necessary to proceed in applying for the award in question.

NOTE: For the purposes of internal competitions, the OSU branch campuses (Center for Health Sciences, Oklahoma City, and Okmulgee) are considered separate units unless otherwise indicated by the granting agency. OSU Tulsa, because of the relationship its faculty has to the Stillwater campus, will not be considered a a separate unit.

Program Name Internal Deadline Funding Agency Deadline Nominee(s) Selected to Advance